Denied Application for Helper Rank (_Aids_)

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    What is your in-game name?
    How old are you?

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?
    7 years

    What time zone do you live in?

    Related Information
    Have you ever been staff before?:

    Yes. I was an on and off owner of different servers for about 3 years. Some of the servers I had were one called Spartan prison which averaged 10-20 players, and Clean op prison which averaged about 20 players in the daytime. Although I was still young back then, it helped me learn about the world and a lot of people. It also helped me gain long lasting relationships with people.Any administrative "/" command knowledge?: (Please demonstrate your knowledge)
    /gm group manager lol until pex became much better
    /cc clear chat
    /bc broadcast
    /warn and I also know many more commands but I feel I do not need to list them all as I am trying out for the helper position

    Do you have any alternate Minecraft accounts? If so, please list their in-game name:
    Yes. I have multiple alts. They are Listed below


    Well, I want to be staff because i miss having the responsibility and the ability to help others and punish those who deserve it, for example blatant hackers, excessive disrespect, or anything that offends the server and hurts the other players. I also want to be staff because lately when I have been on the new re branded prison server it has been light on staff members for example Qasid and others have moved to skyblock so I believe I would be a great new addition to the staff team to help welcome the new players and transition them to being loyal players that come on for many hours.

    How will you help us?
    As I said above I will help to bring to justice people who disrespect and players and I will protect the players that are abused or attacked by any disrespectful players. I will warn these wrong doers and if they continue I will temp ban. I will also help the server to grow by spreading the words to my friends in Skype and in discord so it can become an even bigger network then it already is. I will help to give good tips to the staff daily and help with anything they need when I am asked to do it as a loyal staff member.

    What makes you better than the other applicants?

    I believe that out of the many of the other applicants I am better than them because I have years of experience with servers, and especially prison so I know how it works and what I need to do to keep a controlled environment and to keep the server happy. I forgot to mention this earlier but I didn't see it . I know see that I really want to be on the prison server because I feel it needs staff and I could be a big part of its growth.

    What would you do if...

    Someone is hacking?
    I would warn them and if they continue to hack I would temp ban them for what appropriate amount of time. I would also contact higher up staff if necessary for the situation and we would deal with the situation accordingly.

    Ex: unI12cron:Ha ha I'm using kill aura
    I would tp to them and I would see what there doing screenshot it and temp ban thrm

    Someone is advertising?
    Verbal warning and /warn and kick and if they get back on I would mute for 60 minutes so that they could not hurt the servers community. I would also then screenshot this in case the staff members need more information for the warnings.

    Someone is spamming?
    Kick and temp mute for 60 minutes. If they try to avoid the mute with evasion i would temp ban them for 24 hours and inform owners or admins like lexi, ghost, alon, or pizza to make an informed decision

    Someone is hackusating?
    If someone is hackustating I would tp to them or ask them to show proof via Skype or discord so I can see if they are telling the truth or not. I would then ask them to help coordinate their player username and if they truly deserve a ban than it will be resolved quickly.

    EX: djkalle:Hey aids, girlygurl is hacking
    I would tp to them and check out the situation then I would ask the player making the accusation to send me the info via Skype or discord.

    A staff member is abusing powers?
    I would report to the owner and tell them the specific member name and i would do my best to suppress the abuse. I would also take screenshots of the abuse for example if a staff member was calling another member bad names I could screenshot the text and shot it to the owner, or admins.

    Do you agree that mentioning the staff application or anything relative in-game or to staff members asking them to read it will result in denial?

    I believe that if you try to hard, people will see that and they won t think your patient and they will think you are immature and not good for the role they are looking for.
    Do you agree that you will follow all rules?
    I do. Without hesitation
    Do you agree that you must wait 1 week to reapply upon denial? Not enough play time is an exception. You may reopen your application once you have enough play time.
    I agree.

    Do you agree that if you are banned or been banned in the past, your application will be denied unless you have showed us improvements in your actions and decisions (through an appeal, your actions, and this application)?

    Do you understand that if you have not agreed or understood these policies & agreements, your application will be denied?
    I do.

    Do you agree that you will try your hardest, and read ALL instructions given to you? If you have read this please mark this false, and that you will always listen to us?

    False, yes I will always listen
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    Spread out answers, it's hard to read.
    Not too much detail.
    Put more detail into scenarios
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  3. Sorry I had to do this on my phone my computer is being fixed I'll do my best to fix the errors
  4. Your recent player history is not well enough to be accepted. Your application will be pending for 1 week, if you do not get muted, banned, or warned for offense within 1 week you will qualify to be accepted.
  5. Sorry I cannot accept you due to that you have been banned and warned in the last 16 hours.
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