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    Hello! I'm an admin on ChemicalMC. I love this job and its so fun talk with you guys and meeting new people!

    Things I like: Games, Jurassic Park Theme Song , Mangos, YouTube, Video Editing, Not Turning in My English Papers, Twitter, Cheese Curds, Offensive Jokes, Pine Trees, Art. I could probably think of more, but I'm too lazy.

    Things I dislike: Canadians, Star Wars, Fidget Spinners, Dabbing, 90% of all Trends, Meme lords, S.A.O., Judgmental People, The Made-up Misused Term "lit", Probably You, Politics, Horrid no-edit/money/work-in video-creating YouTubers that are more popular than I, Alcohol, Hot Water (seriously my skin is super sensitive to hot water), Sport Sweats, Anime Dubbing, Soccer Fans (no offense to normal people, just the psychotic car destroying, soccer-living, completely obsessed morons), Nickels, The letters c & x, marijuana, most southern people, Feminists & Feminism, Rap music, Roblox. I could probably think of more, but I'm lazy.

    Why Did You Read All of This: Frankly, I don't know. Personally, I view myself as a more interesting person than 60% of the world, but I feel that you probably could of also done something productive with this time, like watching my YouTube videos, linked above because self-advertisement if you didn't feel like reading that entire deconstruction and hating upon all of low quality, poor, lazy YouTubers, but hey, read the paragraph, I am done ranting about that, for now.. (basically will eventually make a video where I completely crap-talk all of that for like 3 hours). You also could be reading a book, or a manga if you're me and waste much of your money.

    Thanks for reading this and have a good day! :D
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  2. Cool learning about you, it was not a waste of my time. Thanks for the mini dp xD <3 Aids
  3. "Things i dislike: Probably you" Lol i like him already xD <3

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