New Custom Enchants For The Pickaxe In Prison?

Discussion in 'Feedback / Suggestions' started by Aidan Madden, Jul 11, 2017.


Who wants New Custom Enchants for your Pick?

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  1. Yes, rad I love the idea aids

  2. Nah that is not cool man

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  1. New Custom Enchants? We Hope :D

    Hello My name is Aidan, AKA Aids, and today I wanted to urge all of you to help change this prison for the better, I mean I know its already one of the best servers out there, but I believe there is more to come. If you are willing to I believe that we can implement new changes to custom enchants in the prison system. For example me and my friends came up with some such as Infusion(Maybe costs like 50k tokens per 1) and this enchant creates a 3x3 destruction of blocks in the mine so users can make money but also have to grind for the tokens. Another enchant that was mentioned was something called tile, I do not no much about it but I'm sure you do. As you are very knowlegable. Any ways I believe these changes could help bring more players and keep the players already here happy

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