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  1. I've been playing this server for a day and I like it, it's nice, and it's probably one of the best op prison servers I've ever played. It has a nice grind that keeps you playing, however, it's not the game I don't like much, it's more over some of the community. So far everyone that I've talked to in game has been telling me how I've been breaking the /nick rule. Which is fine, I got kind of mad when I had to change my name from A, but I changed it, and it still wasn't enough, so I changed it again, and that wasn't enough so I had to remove my nick as a whole. Then I realized, I was getting told what to do by a non-staff member, who wanted to be a staff member. I'm not bringing any names in to this because that's not me, but just stating some problems. Sure I'm arrogant, but in the end I'll listen to anyone who's higher-up then me. Not only that but the guy said he would "tell on me" if I didn't do as he said, so I just ended up doing what was told of me in the end. There was a staff member online, but he didn't say nor doing anything about the situation or the argument me and other person were having. Then 40 minutes later, I was just chatting with the server and minding my own business in /warp pvp. Me and this other guy were joking around, as I said I wouldn't give him any tokens because he was asking for them, you know classic jokester stuff. And so he came to /warp pvp and killed me, and when I died I said this:

    I don't know, maybe I went too far when I said he deserved to die, but the admin took it wayy out of context and assumed I meant he deserved to die in real life. I then went on to explain that I did not mean that in any way, and asked if the warn be retracted, the admin continued to say things like no, and after 2 messages of the admin saying no, the admin ignored me. I gave the admin a explanation of context and such and the admin still ignored me, retracting no warn, or anything. Anyone can see in that photo that I clearly didn't mean he deserved to die in real life, I meant he deserved to die in-game, and that I was going to come back to /warp pvp and we were obviously going to fight it out. (Since we had evenly matched gear) You see, the reason I'm complaining about things like these is because this server just needs a better system, whether it's giving staff a age limit so that they can't become staff members at 12 or something like that. It's not the whole community I don't like, I think there's some really cool guys and cool fellas here. I just don't think the staff do their job properly. A good staff member looks at the rules, and it's up to her/his judgements to decide whether a player should be punished or not. If her/his judgement is not good enough, then they shouldn't be staff member. Simple as that. But most staff members these days just write a good application for the title or simply to show off. I'm not saying all staff members are like this, most of them are. Most don't really want a change, and lie in their applications just to get the tag. This particular admin was straying around like a normal player, acting with a low maturity level as well, and not handling this situation properly.

    Sorry for this little rant though, it's just these 2 things happend today and I'm kind of mad about it. I don't really like getting warns, or kicks, or muted, or even banned. I really hate things like that. I try to bend the sticks a bit to maybe get one rule broken without getting warned or kicked(which is on me), but in the end I just suck up and do what I'm told and accept what I get. Thanks for reading if you read all the way through.

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