Denied TromPlays' Staff Application

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    How old are you?: 16

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?:
    8 years

    What time zone do you live in? EST

    Related Information
    Have you ever been staff before?: On here no, on different servers, yes.

    If so then what servers?:
    (If possible, please include server name, player count, staff positions available at that time.)

    Admin on Verendus Networks (Production has been stopped for some reason; have not heard back in awhile so assuming that the server's gone) Did not have a player count, because we never released, and possible staff positions are t-mod, helper, mod, admin, sr admin, dev, owner

    Any administrative "/" command knowledge?: (Please demonstrate your knowledge)
    I know litebans, a little MCMMO (for Factions), and Essentials
    Do you have any alternate Minecraft accounts? If so, please list their in-game name:
    No, I do not have any alts.
    (Note that we will keep track of all staff alts.)

    Why do you want to be staff (what drives you to write this application) ?:
    I want to be staff on ChemicalMC because of my passion of helping people out. I find satisfaction from helping people out however I can, and I believe helping on ChemicalMC will allow me to help people more efficiently

    How will you help us (please specify, there can be many things) ?:
    I will help ChemicalMC by helping keeping the server family-friendly (keeping sexual references (for example) out of the chat).
    What makes you better than the other applicants (your strength and weaknesses) ?:
    My knowledge of essentials
    Friendly Personality
    Good to get along with

    Time constraints with school when it starts back up

    What would you do if...
    Someone is hacking?:
    I would load my screen recording software, record the hacker(s), kick them (1st offense), and upload a private video so Alon and MrFlyingPizza can see the proof, in case any further action is required.

    Someone is advertising?:
    I would obtain proof through screenshots and chat logs, and warn the person (1st offense) and if that does not work, I will tempmute.

    Someone is spamming?:
    I would obtain proof through screenshots and chat logs, and warn the person (1st offense) and if that does not work, I will tempmute.

    Someone is hackusating?:
    (Unjustifiably accuse one of hacking.)
    Look into the situation. I ll see if the player accused is hacking. If the accuse was false, I will notify one of the other staff members to see what further steps are to be taken.

    A staff member is abusing powers?:
    Record the staff member abusing and send the video proof to the owners.

    Do you agree that mentioning the staff application or anything relative in-game or to staff members asking them to read it will result in denial?

    Do you agree that you will follow all rules?
    Do you agree that you must wait 1 week to reapply upon denial? Not enough play time is an exception. You may reopen your application once you have enough play time.
    Do you agree that if you are banned or been banned in the past, your application will be denied unless you have showed us improvements in your actions and decisions (through an appeal, your actions, and this application)?
    Do you understand that if you have not agreed or understood these policies & agreements, your application will be denied?
    Do you agree that you will try your hardest, and read ALL instructions given to you? If you have read this please mark this 'red', and that you will always listen to us? Yes and done.
  2. Not a lot of detail, your probably going to be denied for it but im letting you know now. Beef it up before they read this tomorrow.
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  4. I can't tell much about your nor your abilities through your application. You may reapply next week.
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