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  1. Player Information

    What is your in-game name?: wowChloe

    How old are you?: 13, I turn 14 in December.

    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Since 1.6, 4 years. (On my other application I put 2 years as I thought it was but it turns out it is 4 years)

    What time zone do you live in? I live in the GMT timezone (Greenwich Mean Time, UK).

    Related Information

    Have you ever been staff before?:
    Yes, I have.

    If so then what servers?:
    (If possible, please include the server name, player count, staff positions available at that time.)

    -Schoolrp, 50+around players when I started, the available positions at that time were teacher, mod and helper.
    -Oxencraft, around 23 players, the available positions were helper mod and architect.
    Any administrative "/" command knowledge?: (Please demonstrate your knowledge)
    /warn (name)
    /freeze (name)
    /ban (name)
    /tpo (name)
    /tphere (name)
    /banip (name)
    /kick (name)
    /tempban (name)
    /invsee (name)
    /jail (name)
    /give (name) (item) (amount)
    Do you have any alternate Minecraft accounts? If so, please list their in-game name:
    (Note that we will keep track of all staff alts.)

    I currently have the alts ewchloe and nochloe.


    Why do you want to be staff?:
    I would like to become staff as I am passionate about this server. Since joining, everyone has been helpful, kind and thoughtful and I feel like giving back to the server. When I first joined this server, I didn’t know as many commands of the server and was cautious to ask questions. My aim would be to be more of a friend than a superior and a person you can easily approach. Certain people have made me realise how friendly and non-toxic players are on this server are; I would like to keep it that way. PrisonEscape/ChemicalMC has been like a second home to me and I would like it to be like that towards other players too.

    How will you help us?:
    I try to be online as much as possible and would be happy to spend my spare time on the server. I aim to be a friend to the players to be easily approached as to answer questions or to just have a chat. I love to joke with other players but sometimes I know it can get a bit out of hand so I know I will have to get a bit strict at certain times. I try to be as trustworthy, honest and as hard working as I can as to be good examples for players. I know that some players do not know about some announcements so I would like to encourage players to join the forums. I will make sure new players know every detail for them to have a very enjoyable time on the server.

    What makes you better than the other applicants?:
    I try to stay positive in every situation and am a person that finds solutions to problems. I try to stay as active as I possibly can and is happy to help players out. I’ve been staff quite a few times and have a grip on most of the commands although I’m happy to learn more if needed. Even though I have only been staff on two servers, they were for long periods of time so I have learnt how to always stay calm.

    What would you do if...

    Someone is hacking?:

    Example: Player1 is using obvious killaura.

    First, I would /warn them to show them they have been caught, I would then go into /v to watch them for a while to make sure they do not turn their hacks on. If they persist hacking, I would kick them and if they come on and try to start an argument, I would state to them why it is unfair towards other players. If they still hack after their second warning, I would temporarily ban them for 24 hours. I think I would also help because I usually line when I’m online sometimes.


    - /warn [name] Hacking

    - Go into /v to watch them

    If they decide to carry on:

    - /kick [name] Hacking

    - /tempban [name] 24h

    Someone is advertising?:

    Example: Player1 says “join”

    I would start by warning them and if they continue warn them again. At this point, if they argue I will tell them how it is annoying and that is against the rules. If they continue, I would mute them for 15 minutes and if they continue, 30 minutes.


    - /warn [name] Advertising

    - /mute [name] 15m

    - /mute [name] 30m

    Someone is spamming?:

    Example: Player1 says “Hello” repeatedly.

    I would first warn them for spamming and warn them again is they persist. If they argue, I would tell them it is annoying and give them the link to the rules. If they carry on, I would mute them for 15 minutes and if they carry on after that, mute them for an hour.


    - /warn [name]

    - /mute [name] 15m

    - /mute [name] 60m

    Someone is hackusating?:
    (Unjustifiably accuse one of hacking.)

    Example: Player2 says “Player3 is hacking, please ban them!”

    I would firstly ask the player that is hackusating to give me solid proof. If I consider the proof not sufficient enough, I would warn them to not tell anyone that another player is hacking, unless they have proof that they certainly are. After that, I would watch the player that the hackusator reported in vanish just to make sure they are not hacking.


    - Warn the hackusator in /msg not to accuse people of hacking unless they have solid proof.

    - /v and watch the player they were hackusating just to make sure.

    A staff member is abusing powers?:

    In the context that the staff is a lower rank than me, I would gather solid proof that the staff member is abusing their powers and if they were, I would warn them to stop abusing their powers or they would lose their position. If they start arguing, I would tell them to stop because I have proof. I would then inform a higher staff member about what they have done and send them the proof.

    In the context that the staff member is a higher rank than me, I would gather solid proof that they were abusing their powers and send to a higher ranked staff than themselves.


    - Record/ take screenshots of the staff member abusing

    - I would then warn them to stop abusing their powers

    - Send to a higher member of staff such as Alon


    Do you agree that mentioning the staff application or anything relative in-game or to staff members asking them to read it will result in denial?


    Do you agree that you will follow all rules?


    Do you agree that you must wait 1 week to reapply upon denial? Not enough play time is an exception. You may reopen your application once you have enough play time.


    Do you agree that if you are banned or been banned in the past, your application will be denied unless you have showed us improvements in your actions and decisions (through an appeal, your actions, and this application)?


    Do you understand that if you have not agreed or understood these policies & agreements, your application will be denied?


    Do you agree that you will try your hardest, and read ALL instructions given to you? If you have read this please mark this 'red', and that you will always listen to us?

    Yes (red).

    Thank you for reading C;
  2. You are accepted. Please send me your skype or add mc.enderlord.
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