Important Weekend Event
In order to celebrate the upcoming summer vacation many of us will have, and all the updates we've done, we're doing an event this weekend! We'll be doing a Drop Party on Sunday at 6Pm EST. We'll do a weekend long 2x multiplier, a 65% off sale, and more! Come join us this weekend to have fun, and enjoy the updates, and enjoy the upcoming summer!

Join us at

Thanks for reading!
~ Prison Escape Staff
Important Anti-Spam
We've been getting several bots recently meaning we've been indexed by someones search engine booster, I've increased the security and if you have problems signing in or registering, please let us know in game! Thank you!
We have added even MORE uses to gems! In the gem gem (/gems) you can now but tier 1 - 6 Pickaxes, and you can now buy titan rank for 250,000 gems! Start saving up those gems!
Sick of those gems just sitting around? Well we thought hard on a solution! We have brought a custom gambling system, you can trade 1,000 Gems for Keya, Tokens, More Gems, or Money. What's the best win you can get? It varies depending on what you looking for but you can win up to $1 Trillion in game money!
Important YouTube Contest
Hello YouTubers!
We are calling out to all youtubers out there! Yes, ALL OF YOU! We are doing a contest on who can make the BEST YouTube video for us!

Now before we continue, you're probably wondering what the prize is? Well the prize is a $100 Store voucher! That is right! A $100 store coupon, you can use it for a discount or just use it as credit.

Now you might be wondering how we'll pick the winner. We'll we have a point system and whoever has the highest points wins!

Points will be made as following:
Design: 1-100
0-99 - 1
100-499 - 5
500-2499 - 15
2500+ - 25

Also you can enter our $400 Rank Giveaway with each submission (Once a day) and you can make as many submissions, we will only include your newest video for us as the submission!

How to enter? Make an AWESOME youtube video, and leave it in the replies / comments to this post!
Hello Prison Escape'ers!

Today we are bringing a list of changes that have been added recently, and some other awesome news!

Additions / Updates (Some of these are old news)
  • Supply Drops in PvP (Can contain Tier 1-5 Pickaxes)
  • Raised price dropped per mob kill
  • Prestiges 61-75 were added!
  • Fortune has had its max (With tokens) raised!
  • Explosive max has been raised!
  • Nickname length shortened
  • New rules area, including some rules additions:
  • General back-end updates.
Canceled Updates / Removals
  • Kingdoms removed (Never implemented properly, maybe a comeback?)
  • Gangs removed (Only really used for prestige boosting)
Info can be found here:

Thanks for reading this update!
~ Prison Escape Team
Important Pickaxe refunds...
Pickaxe refunds have been discontinued as we have added a pickaxe confirmation to drop a pickaxe!
Important In need of staffs
PrisonEscape currently is in need of staffs, so please feel free to apply in the Administrative Forums.

If you are going to apply, please follow the application format in the Administrative Forums. Taking your time to write an application is important. Include enough details to assure that we know who you are and what type of person you are. Giving us a sense of community, and showing us your rational thinking and knowledge is crucial.

Good luck applying if you wish.
If you have lost your pickaxe, please inform a staff, and we will issue a refund as soon as possible once we have verified the loss.

We are currently only able to refund tier 5 and tier 6 pickaxes.

Tokens spent on the pickaxe cannot be refunded.

You may choose between the item or a store value for your refund.
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