Old Prison has been re-added due to popular demand! Join and use the server selector to click Prison 2 or do /server Prison
This weekend will be awesome! Packed full of amazing events, such as KOTH's for $25 store coupons, a 75% off sale! A 10x Multiplier lasting the WHOLE WEEKEND a Drop Party on saturday at 6PM EST! We might even do other kinds of PvP or Mining events! Come join today, and start preparing for this weekend of fun, with events NEVER seen before!

Plus you can enter out $50 STORE VOUCHER giveaway! http://bit.ly/PE50Store come enter today!
Important Server Reset
We've had a lot of fun here on Prison Escape, but we feel like it's hard for new ranks to join in on the fun. We have seen a number of people get bored with Prison Escape and leave. I know this news may make you sad, and I know it means that you will lose all your items and hard work, but this means that it's a fair game for everyone!

With this reset we don't plan to just keep it the same, we also plan to add and change many things! Some of the things we plan to add and change are:
  • Unlimited Prestiges
  • Better and more custom enchants!
  • More balanced ranking system
  • We also plan to redo the whole theme, and spawn!
As of this moment we are open to suggestions! We are also planning to do several events when we release the update, we plan to do a 75% off store sale, drop parties, a "sorry" kit where for the first week you can redeem 5 ultimate keys for free!

Also a message to donors: All donors who bought a rank will keep they're rank! All other donations will be changing so in order to compensate, anyone who donated can contact us in the first three days and get a voucher worth 100% of their previous donations, for the first two weeks we will give a 75% voucher, and if you contact us after that you will only get a 50% voucher code!

Now after all this talk of reset, you may be wondering when we're planning the reset. We plan to do it on June 30th - July 1st.

Sorry if you have issues with this, we just want to make it fun for everyone and we hope you give the new Prison Escape a chance!

Thanks for reading!
~ Prison Escape Staff
Important Server's back up!
Sorry for the issues that occurred this morning! The server is back up!
Sorry everyone, server is currently down for maintenance due to unexpected autosell multiplier bug. It will be fixed today. Sorry for the inconvenience.
We have noticed that Gambling does not reward keys appropriately. Gamble will temporarily removed, it will be announced in the future once fixed and functional.

We have added in-game reports, if you are in immediate need to report a player, you can now use /report <player> <reason/proof>. Abusing this feature is NOT tolerated, please use it when necessary, and use appropriately. Forum reports are still recommended and preferred.

We have also added in-game requests, if you have issues or a suggestion do /request <content> Abusing this feature is also not tolerated!

We have updated our rules, under rule #3 section "Report-system abuse", and rule #12 "Disrespect". Please refer to link (http://bit.ly/PErules05152017)
Considering last weekend's event was a SMASHING success, we've decided to host a new kind of weekend event that everyone can join and fight in. We have a couple updates planned to make it more fair for everyone so that it is fun for everyone!

Our first event will be a 30 Minute KOTH (King Of The Hill) event! The winner of this KOTH event will get a $25 Store coupon, along with all the other spoils you get from winning a KOTH event! We will be doing several updates in order to make it more fair, we will be making a bigger capturing area so you can't be hit off as easily, we will be nerfing speed boost by making it randomly happen and last 2-3 seconds! The KOTH event will be hosted at 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (UTC: -5:00) Saturday (June 3rd)

Our second event will be a 3 times booster that will span the ENTIRE weekend so we can all have fun speeding through the ranks! This means that everyone, including new players will make 3 TIMES AS MUCH MONEY! This will also benefit shop owners!

Our THIRD event will be a 50% sale spanning the entire weekend, this will completely dominate our current 35% off summer sale! If you want to buy ranks, keys, multipliers, or more, that's when to buy them!

We hope you enjoy these weekend events, and we hope you have an AWESOME time and keep playing Prison Escape! Also do remember we have extended our suggestion, and youtube contests! So not only do you have a chance of getting a $25 store coupon from these events, you also can submit your amazing ideas, and be rewarded. And if you make youtube video's, be sure to enter out giveaway (http://bit.ly/PETitanRank), or enter our youtube contest!

Thank you for reading!
~ Prison Escape Staff Team

We have realized that the contest is made in duration which final tests and exams are taken place, therefor we have extended the end date to July 14th to hopefully free up time for some players.
Sorry everyone. We are currently experiencing errors on our server. It will be fixed soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Hello Players of Prison Escape,
We are starting a video making contest!
Prize being $100 Store Coupon

Your task is to make a video on/about our server. You may use any program or software as you wish, and you decide what type of content you will be making. You will have ONE Month to create your video, and results will be done at the end of the week following the end date. Please read the below information

The Contest Entry Time is June 1st to July 14th
- You need a valid YouTube channel.
- You need to include your video content during submission.
- You are not banned during the contest.
- You can have multiple entries.
- You can only submit once a day.
- Don't submit same or similar entries.
- If there are similar entries from different accounts, we will accept the one first entered.
- You must include your In-game name.
- Your content must be compliant with our server rules.
- Your content should be at least 3 minutes.
- It has to be your own/Don't plagiarize.
- It needs to relate to our server.

We are rating your content with a point system:
Video Quality (Resolution, frame rate, sound, general editing, cuts)
Design (arrangement of video clips, overall structure, art, )
Sound (Noise, distortion, sound effects, music)

Editing (special effects, neatness, contrast of clips)
Transitions (creativity of clip transitions)
Your Orginal Idea (What your video is based on and how it is developed)
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