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  1. What is your in-game name?:

    How old are you?:

    i am 15 years old
    How long have you been playing Minecraft?:

    i have been playing minecraft since 23.9.13 i lreally enjoy this game i used to play with my brother this was the game that pushed me to start playing other games but i would like people to enjoy the game as much as me

    Related Information
    Have you ever been staff before?:
    no but i have applied on three servers

    If so then what servers?:
    (If possible, please include server name, player count, staff positions available at that time.)
    the first server was Titanmc it was another op prison server unfortunately they did not need any more staff the player count was 1.2k players as it was played by ssundee and the owner was patp.

    the second server was skycade it is a famous faction server its a widely known faction server its player count is 200 but i didnt get accepted because they had too many staff and said try again in 2 months so im still waiting on that.

    the third one was datecraft which is a role playing server player count is 1000 and the server were not accepting appliants because the server was been updated.
    Any administrative "/" command knowledge?: (Please demonstrate your knowledge)
    /warn this warns and tells the player they are doing something wrong
    /kick. kicks the player from the server
    /banip bans the Internet from connecting to the server
    /v is to hide your self from other players
    /tempban is to ban someone for a certain amount of time
    /mute is to stop someone from speaking in chat forever
    /tempmute is to stop someone from speaking in chat for a specified time

    Do you have any alternate Minecraft accounts? If so, please list their in-game name:
    (Note that we will keep track of all staff alts.)

    Why do you want to be staff?:
    i want to be staff because i like helping people i want to be staff because i like helping people and making them happy i just want to help people to enjoy minecraft so what ever issues they may have this server could be a happy place for them. just smiling at someone or telling them hi can change their whole mood, i would also try to keep thee server at a happy environment.

    How will you help us?:

    i can ban or mute players who are not following the rule and answer questions if there is any other help need i will help anyway i can.
    What makes you better then all the other applicants?:

    i have some good qualities i work well in teams.i have a good sense of humor i am patient.also can think spot in tricky or uncomfortable situations. i am very good at communicating with others. i am very open minded to any and all decisions. i love meeting new people. i am good at coming up with new ideas and discussing them with communities. i am always on this server its my favorite server i will never skip a day so u always have someone to rely on

    What would you do if...
    Someone is hacking?:
    i would go in /v follow then if they do anything i would i would warn him if he does it agian i would temp ban him

    Someone is advertising?:

    i would warn them in chat if they do it again i would do /warn then the third time i would mute them
    Someone is spamming?:

    i would warn them in chat if they do it again i would do /warn then the third time i would /tempmute them
    Someone is hackusating?:
    (Unjustifiably accuse one of hacking.)

    /v follow the hackusate player to verify it if not i would ask for proof
    A staff member is abusing powers?

    i would take a picture then show mrflyingpizza or alontrle
    Do you agree that mentioning the staff application or anything relative in-game or to staff members asking them to read it will result in denial? Yes

    Do you agree that you will follow all rules?

    Do you agree that you must wait 30 days to reapply upon denial? Not enough play time is an exception. You may reopen your application once you have enough play time.

    Do you agree that if you are banned or been banned in the past, your application will be denied unless you have showed us improvements in your actions and decisions (through an appeal, your actions, and this application)?

    Do you understand that if you have not agreed or understood these policies & agreements, your application will be denied?
    Exclusive staff information will be given to you if you are accepted.

    Thank you for reading :D
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    Denied for not waiting the one month out between denial!
    Have a nice day, you may re-apply in one month.
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